Prunus africana extract

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Prunus africana extract

Product name:Prunus africana extract

Product Description:Prunus africana extract have anti-proliferative effects on fibroblasts and inhibits bladder hyper- reactivity, which are over produced in BPH. Phytosterols competes with androgen precursors and inhibit prostaglandin biosynthesis to reduce prostatic cholesterol levels. Triterpenes have anti-inflammatory activity by inhibiting enzymes involved in the depolymerization of proteoglycans in prostate connective tissue. It improves symptoms of BPH and prostatic adenoma (esp. nocturia, flow rate, voided volume, and/or residual volume) by increasing prostatic secretions and improves seminal fluid composition.

Active Ingredients:
The active ingredients are extracted from the bark of the herb, mainly containing 14% triterpenes (urolic acids, oleanolic acid, crataegolic acid), 0.5% n-docosanol, and Phytosterol (β-sitosterol, β-sitosterone, Campesterol).
The Pygeum Bark Extract used in dietary supplements is derived from the bark of the plant Pygeum africanum L. (or Prunus Africana L.).

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