Vegetable Carbon Black

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Vegetable Carbon Black

Product name: Vegetable Carbon Black

Source: Carbon black (vegetable carbon) is normally derived from vegetable material for food use. It is produced by combustion to form insoluble carbon (a fine powder).
Product description:
Black color, charcoal pigment; used in jams, jelly crystals, liquorice; only the vegetable derived variety permitted in Australia, banned in the United States
(1)Vegetable Carbon is a very stable pigment for heat, light and oxidation. Carbon Black gives grey to true black shades.
(2)Carbon Black is naturally insoluble. Overseal have developed water-dispersible suspensions suitable for a wide range of applications.
(3)Key applications include sugar confectionery and bakery products. Carbon Black is also used in blends with other colours (such as red & brown pigments) to create shades such as chocolate brown.
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